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Create Your Own Create your own extensions using HTML, CSS, and JS.
Size: -
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JS JS Calculator JS Code js references edit js file js file  
Create Screenshot! Create Screenshot! can make screenshots with simple one click
Size: 2 MB
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capture take screenshot capture screen screenshot snapshot  
Create CoverSearch A tool to retrieve cover art from the web for albums
Size: 201 KB
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search find cover search cover create cover Cover Search  
AddinTools Create Save your time, work easy
Size: 1000 KB
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save work time save Save Time save your time  
Create Schema An extension to generate SQL scripts from C# objects.
Size: 40 KB
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sql SQL script script schema  
Create Shortcut Create shortcuts to programs from a command prompt or a bat / cmd file
Size: 31 KB
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Create Creator shortcut make shortcut BAT file creator cmd  

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Oven Fresh Password Maker Password Protect Your Web Site Quickly and Easily
Size: 4.9 MB
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Creator protect password create password password protect  
Phonetic Password Generator Generate easy to remember - yet hard to crack - passwords
Size: 430 KB
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Create protection crack generator generate create password  
Craig's Password Generator Generates secure, but easily remembered passwords
Size: 199 KB
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generator generate password create password  
Java Password Generator Quickly generate complex passwords
Size: 25 KB
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Create Creator generator generate password create password  
One Time Password Mailer Create one time passwords with the help of this tool.
Size: 450 KB
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Create Creator generate create password  
Password Boy An easy-to-use password generator
Size: 1.3 MB
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Creator generator create password random generate password  

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PasswordMaker Pro Simply click on the golden ring and create the password. You can specify different algorithms to create the password.
Size: 113.31K
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create webpage create dynamic webpage webpage create  
Windows 7 Password Reset Just need another computer you can login so that you can use the software to create a Windows 7 password recovery disk with CD, DVD, USB. You also can use it to create new user account to Windows 7 of...
Size: 28.1 MB
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PassWordMakr This handy tool creates secured passwords and all you have to do is simply click Create Password. It can create or update new passwords just by a push of a button. You can create a more secured passwo...
Size: 328.71K
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CodeWonders Password Vault On the first use the Password Vault will ask the user to insert or create a master password to use for accessing the Password Vault's password database. Once this password is inserted, users will be a...
Size: 794 KB
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password manager password password generator username  
PassGenOrganizer PassGenOrganizer software will help you create strong password and save them in a database along with the username and the link. Then when needed just open the application and copy the password to you...
Size: 772 KB
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generator generate password generate password  
Password Keeper Expert gives an opportunity to create several password databases, an opportunity to create backup copies of password lists etc. Password Keeper Expert allows you to control your passwords, it has modern inte...
Size: 546.1 KB
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database manager password manager password